Welcome to Nordlys Vind’s website

Here you can learn more about what Nordlys Vind stands for: Producing wind powered electricity while protecting the environment, respecting local interests and promoting clean technology.

About us

Kvaløya is one of Norway’s most beautiful natural areas. Where the fresh northern winds blow onto the mountains, we find a richly diverse wildlife. It is here where reindeer owners and local farmers provide a traditional and safe livelihood for their families and wider community alike. It is also here where, with great care, we wish to build two wind farms, in the hope of achieving a greener way of life for the future.

With this in mind, Nordlys Vind aspires to the highest standards in sustainability and environmental responsibility. To achieve these, we will act with great respect for our surroundings and through harmonious interactions with people and the nature around us.

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Renewable energy

Wind power is a renewable energy resource. The power we produce goes to the aluminum producer Alcoa, who employs hundreds of Norwegians in the town of Mosjøen. We are proud to secure their energy needs without the harmful emissions of conventional energy sources.

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The turbines

When completed, the farm will comprise of 67 wind turbines of 4.3 MW each, with a rotor diameter of 130 meters and a height of 85 meters. Together, these will produce enough power to meet the equivalent electricity demand of around 50,000 Norwegian households.

To underline the positive impact of a wind farm of this size and of renewable energy in general, we intend to open up the wind farm to interested members of the community.

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Nordlys Vind is jointly owned by German pension fund Ärzteversorgung Westfalen-Lippe and Siemens Project Ventures. Both owners are established institutions, interested in fulfilling their social responsibility to preserve nature and facilitate better living conditions for the local community. The companies leading the project are Tromsø Vind AS and Raudfjell Vind AS.

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