Nordlys Vind consists of two adjacent wind farms currently under construction, named Kvitfjell and Raudfjell.

The wind farms are situated on the island of Kvaløya, Norway. Two of its mountain plateaus lend their names to the wind farms.

An existing 132 kV line of Troms Kraft Nett, will connect the wind farm at its southern end to the public grid infrastructure. Two substations transforming the power from 33 kV to 132 kV will be part of the project. The civil infrastructure to be built includes
45 km of gravel roads, a service building and the foundations of the turbines.

Works on internal wind farm roads started in October 2017. Further civil and electrical infrastructure will be built in 2018. The wind turbines will be progressively built and commissioned from April to September 2019.

Here you can see how wind turbines were transported through the pedestrian streets of the Norwegian town Eigersund when the Tellenes wind farm was built.

See part 8, Vindmøller gjennom gågate (norwegian). (norwegian).