Nordlys Vind consists of two wind power concessions, Kvitfjell and Raudfjell.

The concession for the construction of the Kvitfjell wind farm was granted on February 16th, 2001 by the Norwegian Water Resource and Energy Directorate (NVE) and amended on April 17th, 2015. The concession for the Raudfjell wind farm was granted on May 11th, 2012. In total, 300 MW of wind power are permitted in the concessions, of which 281.4 MW will be utilized.

In July 2017, the wind farms applied for a change of the permitted access route. Previously it was planned to land the wind turbines in Buvika, south of the wind farm area, and to build a new quay and 700m tunnel to get access to the site. The new concept uses an existing quay in Nordfjordbotn and an existing access route from Sjotun. This route has a smaller environmental impact compared to the construction of new infrastructure in an untouched environment. This change was permitted by the NVE on October 20th, 2017.

The detailed plans for the construction and operation of the wind farms are specified in an MTA plan (Environment – Transport and Area plan), approved by NVE. 

The project received the approval to a first limited MTA in 2016, and for the whole concession area in April 2018. As for the access route MTA, it was approved in June 2018. 

The project also holds permits and approvals from the Fylkesmann (county administration) and Tromsø Havn (harbour authorities) for the construction of the quay in Nordfjordbotn.

All permit and MTA documents are published by the NVE: